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The Fine Art of Weaving
9 APRIL - 7 MAY 2008
The Australian National University,
School of Art, Canberra, Australia.
“TAPESTRY 2008” will explore the relationships between visual art, tapestry and the craft of weaving from an international perspective, and build on the momentum of previous events in Australia and overseas. Through exhibitions, the symposium, master classes and seminars, it
will highlight the global diversity of tapestry and exciting new developments.

Lao Tapestry: Weaving Dreams and Aspirations
School of Art Foyer 9 April – 4 May
Fine silk tapestries from the rich artistic tradition of Lao PDR where the weaver works directly at the loom creating a composition of patterns, symbols and motifs. She invests her life in the fabric and it tells of her hopes, dreams, ambitions, sense of self and position in the world.

The Fine Art of Tapestry Weaving
School of Art Gallery 9 April – 4 May
Aino Kajaniemi, Finland, Susan Mowatt, Scotland, Yasuko Fujino, Japan, Sue Lawty, GB, Sara Lindsay, Australia, Jane Kidd, Canada and Fiona Rutherford, GB.

LAND 9 April – 4 May
Open Entry Award Exhibition to encourage emerging artists and recognise professional artists. The Tapestry Foundation of Victoria and American Tapestry Alliance Awards.
En Pleine Air Tapestries - A Month at Bundanon: Tapestries and Drawings by Cresside Collette
Curated by Alison French, at the Drill Hall Gallery, Canberra.

Susan Maffei and Archie Brennan
29, 30 April & 1 May
An exploration of pre-Columbian/Andean tapestry and its influence on the development of pattern/image.

Cresside Collette. 30 April & 1 May
Working en plein air, weaving directly from the landscape on the loom.

30 April - 1 May
Exploring the poetic narrative through fine weaving.

Jane Kidd.
5 & 6 May
Developing ideas through the design process for tapestry.

Sue Lawty
5 & 6 May
Developing subtle textural nuance with on weft thread.

Friday 2 & Saturday 3 May 2008
A program of lectures, illustrated artists’ talks and discussions with speakers including: Annika Ekdahl, Sweden, Fiona Rutherford, GB, Diana Wood Conroy, Australia, Nancy A.
Hoskins, USA, G.W.Bot, Australia, Susan Maffei, USA, Jane Kidd, Canada, Kate Derum, Australia, Aino Kajaniemi, Finland, Sue Lawty, GB, Jessica Hemmings, GB, Susan Mowatt, GB and Yasuko Fujino, Japan.
Themes include:
• the relationship of the artist/weaver to tapestry
• techniques of weaving and tapestry cross-culturally
• community engagement with tapestry
• collectors, the patron and tapestry for public places
• tapestry from specific cultural traditions
• engaging with new technologies and applications
• marketing, web profile and raising public awareness
• international exposure and commissions

Sunday 4 May
• 10 - 1pm
Developing Professional
• 2 - 5pm
Running a Community
Tapestry Project.

Information subject to change.
Please e-mail: to be added to the TAPESTRY
2008 group e-mail.

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