Monday, June 23, 2008

And more from Jane

Second set of 'Scarf Slice' manipulations


More Images from Jane

'Ring of Brodgar: No 4'

First set of manipulations for the 'Reflections: Scarf Slice' sections

Images from Jane Freer-Wyld

I am not sure of the order these should be viewed in. I have loaded them in the order Jane sent them. So please for give me if they are wrong.

'Surface Slice' images and tapestry from the RE:DESIGN section

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Annie and Monique again!

Hilary Green artist in residence at Sturt in 2006

Hilary Green from Victoria is artist in residence in the weaving studio for the next three months. For a number of years now Hilary has been investigating the presence of rock formations in the landscape and this will provide the theme for her work at Sturt. Hilary will be weaving shaped tapestries of varying sizes and exploring methods to make them three dimensional using medieval weaving techniques.

Hilary graduated from Monash University with a Fine Arts degree in 2001 majoring in tapestry weaving, and has since acquired expertise in Gobelin style “haute lisse” and medieval style tapestry weaving. Hilary worked as a production weaver for the Victorian Tapestry Workshop and West Dean Tapestry Studio in Stirling, Scotland (where she worked on the reinterpretation of The Hunt for the Unicorn project).

Woven tapestry is an ancient art form produced and valued by cultures throughout the world. Tapestry was an integral part of medieval and renaissance interior decoration, providing decoration and display of wealth as well as keeping out the cold and damp. The skills and techniques of tapestry weaving have changed little over the years and today tapestry is popular among contemporary weavers as a technique for narrative and personal expression. Sturt is focussing on tapestry weaving during 2006, with this residency and the exhibition of Dilys Condell’s large tapestries to open at Sturt Gallery on 6 August later this year.

This is the first time Sturt has had a tapestry weaver as artist in residence. Hilary Green’s residency has been funded by the Friends of Sturt.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

News from the sector

Monique and Annie in Annie's studio space.

Annie's Studio space.

Annie's space

John, Valerie, annie, Christine and Monique

Is there any news? does anyone have some images, text or ant general information we can publish on the blog? What have you all been upto since returning from Canberra?

Annie and Monique are busy at Sturt in Mittagong with their residency. I popped in yesterday on my way to Sydney for a coffee and Valerie, John and Christine arrived for a visit and Lunch.
Next time Photo's of moniques space.

Pam said 2008/05/28

Thankyou for the timely reminder re copyright. My enquiry re the possibility of the artists talks being published was simply so I could absorb the contents more thoroughly, for my own interest and education only. The two days of the Symposium was almost 'too much information'.The various talks were just so interesting and informative,I really would love to read/listen to them again.Pam.

Comment for Annie

Congratulations Annie, wish I could see your work in person!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Annie and Monique

As many of you know Monique and Annie from the textile department at ANU are undertaking a residency at Sturt Mittagong. Today as I drove back from Newcastle I popped in to visit and was greeted with a lovely lunch in their cottage.

Annie and Monique

Annie's latest love!
Rocky checking the cottage is up to his standards!!!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Annie Trevillian: a printing life. From handprinting to digital prints on fabric and paper

I am sure everyone will remember Annie from the conference. Annie has n exhibition at Sturt Gallery at Mittagong NSW. It is truly a wonderful show, so if any one is passing Mittagong it is worth a visit. ( May 25th - July 11th 2008) .
Annie Trevillian will take up a joint position as Artist-in-Residence with Monique Van Nieuwland from June 9 - July 19. Both artists are tutors at Sturt Winter School 7 - 11 July 2008.
Weave - Gauze leno & supplementary warp with Monique Van NieuwlandComplete a leno project (scarf) and supplementary warp samples to inspire future projects. Learn to set up a loom to create light weight gauze weaves - the open stable gauze structure allows for speedy weaving. Participants will also learn the supplementary warp technique. Suitable for all enthusiastic participants, but a little knowledge of weaving may be helpful. Click here for more information on this courseMonique Van Nieuwland has been a weaver for more than 30 years and has exhibited her work since 1985. She teaches at the ANU School of Art, Textiles Workshop.
Colour and Design for Printed Fabric with Annie TrevillianExplore markmaking, drawing, colour and design for screenprinting on a range of fabrics developing individual themes in an exciting, fresh and contemporary way with one of Australia's most successful screen printing artists. Suitable for all. Click here for more information on this courseAnnie Trevillian has been a practising artist since 1983. She teaches surface design at ANU School of Art, Textiles Workshop and will be Artist-in-Residence at Sturt in June & July 2008. This course is now full. Names taken for waiting list.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hello From Oregon

I have just been reviewing the blog and thank you and all those who have contributed. Our local guild members have been watching and enjoying the symposium vicariously.
Best Wishes,
Nancy Hoskins