Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hilary Green artist in residence at Sturt in 2006

Hilary Green from Victoria is artist in residence in the weaving studio for the next three months. For a number of years now Hilary has been investigating the presence of rock formations in the landscape and this will provide the theme for her work at Sturt. Hilary will be weaving shaped tapestries of varying sizes and exploring methods to make them three dimensional using medieval weaving techniques.

Hilary graduated from Monash University with a Fine Arts degree in 2001 majoring in tapestry weaving, and has since acquired expertise in Gobelin style “haute lisse” and medieval style tapestry weaving. Hilary worked as a production weaver for the Victorian Tapestry Workshop and West Dean Tapestry Studio in Stirling, Scotland (where she worked on the reinterpretation of The Hunt for the Unicorn project).

Woven tapestry is an ancient art form produced and valued by cultures throughout the world. Tapestry was an integral part of medieval and renaissance interior decoration, providing decoration and display of wealth as well as keeping out the cold and damp. The skills and techniques of tapestry weaving have changed little over the years and today tapestry is popular among contemporary weavers as a technique for narrative and personal expression. Sturt is focussing on tapestry weaving during 2006, with this residency and the exhibition of Dilys Condell’s large tapestries to open at Sturt Gallery on 6 August later this year.

This is the first time Sturt has had a tapestry weaver as artist in residence. Hilary Green’s residency has been funded by the Friends of Sturt.

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Deucie said...

That's pretty cool art but had to take forever to make!