Tuesday, July 15, 2008

World Textile Art Organization Program


The 5th International Biennial of Textile Art will be held from April 1st to 25th, 2009 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, organized by the World Textile Art Organization (WTA).

WTA is a non-profit organization, founded in 1997, with headquarters in Miami, USA. WTA has already organized four Biennial Exhibitions in Contemporary Textile Art, both in the United States and in different countries of Latin America with the participation of international artists and juries.

We would like to point out that WTA is the only International Biennial originating in the Americas.

The venue for the WTA Biennial exhibition will be the Palais de Glace – National Exhibition Hall. An international jury of the highest level will be present, and WTA has issued an invitation to more than 20 very high-profile international artists to show their works in this Biennial Exhibition.

Since in Buenos Aires various exhibitions of both Pre-Columbian Textile Art are to be held throughout the year in several differents museums and cultural centers, WTA is arranging for all shows to be run in parallel.

These will be:
The National Museum of Fine Arts: will be showing its Pre-Columbian Collection.

The National Museum of Decorative Arts: will show Gobelin Tapestries Heritage as well as works by 8 Argentine Textile Artists.

The “José Hernández” Museum of Popular Art: will present its entire collection of Textile Art and the prized works of the last 5 exhibitions of Contemporary Textile Art and of several invited artists.

The Architecture Museum Buenos Aires University will show the results of a contest among textile design students.

The National Museum of Clothing History: Will host the Montreal exhibition “Americas sinuous / intersection of extremes”. A group show 0f 15 artists from Canada and Argentina.
The Borges Cultural Center: will be showing an international exhibit of Contemporary Textile Art.

CAAT – Textile Art Centre of Argentina: will present“The Mini-Textile Salon”.
The National Foundation of Arts: will be showing part of its textile legacy and will be in charge of the workshops.

The Recoleta Cultural Center: will be presenting International Contemporary Art.

AMIA:Will sponsor an installation by a group of textile artists, with the theme, “The Net”in its, three connotations – Solidarity – Communication – Textile.

WTA is also working towards a show that brings together Argentina’s “Pioneers” of Contemporary Textile Art.

As a means to integrate the whole country to this grand project, a group of textile artists from the City of Cordoba (Argentina) will mingle and interact with the audience wearing artistic designs of hand-crafted clothing and hats during the openings. The Cordoba artists will prepare a performance called “Blue Gold”, which underscores landscape and environment increasing awareness on the subject of “Water, a very precious possession”.

Furthermore,we have plannedto include in the General Program:

- Talks and lectures by guest artists and well-known figures of the Textile Art World.
- Seminars and workshops.
- The “Olga Amaral Award” presentation to an outstanding public figure within the Textile Art field.
- A tour circuit connecting all participating museums and exhibition halls to guide and help both foreign and local visitors reach all the different venues.
- A one day “Roundtable Meeting” between participating artists.
- Visits to the ateliers of well-known textile artists.
- An Open Day for school children with guided visits to visit the exhibitions with the presence of the participating artists.
- A interesting Social Program will be included on the agenda.

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E-mail : contact@wta-online.org - worldintextileart@gmail.com


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I went to the World Textile Art Organization Program in Buenos Aires !! I stayed at one of the Buenos Aires hotels in downtown, and visited a lot of places of that city, but the best was definetely, that one!!