Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Daniels Edwards Artist statment

Hi, my name is Daniel. I am currently in my third undergrad. year at the ANU School of Art in the Textiles Workshop. This year in my work I’ve been exploring the theme of masculine identity in craft. My work includes three tapestries woven with rug yarn combining geometric patterns that emphasise the woven quality with abstract portraits of bearded men. I hope to produce work that shows empowerment of gender suggesting that in practising craft one can form an identity in the field and medium. I have been collecting images of and looking at the bearded man and the aesthetic link that the present day has to the recent decades past where sporting facial hair was fashionable – particularly in the 1970s. The abstracted portraits are developed as iconic images or trademarks of the “maker”. I am interested in hearing from anyone who has ideas about what the bearded crafts person symbolises. Also gathering information on men in Textiles and the roles they play and gathering interesting pictures of bearded craftspeople.
Email Dan or phone 0413 275 869

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