Wednesday, November 26, 2008

British Tapestry Group members’ un-juried Exhibition 2009

Stirling Castle and the Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum
12th September – 1st November

We’re really excited to announce the British Tapestry Group [BTG] will be holding a 2 venue exhibition in Stirling during the autumn of next year. It will also be a double first for BTG as it’s the first time we’ve exhibited in Scotland, and the first time we’ve held a small format, un-juried show. The venues are: the Historic Scotland room at Stirling Castle; and Gallery One, the Ballengeich Room, at the Stirling Art Smith Gallery and Museum.

We’ve only had both venues confirmed in the last few days, but here’s all the information you’ll need to get you started:

1. entry is open to all members, including any international members BTG may have at the time of the exhibition.
2. the theme of the exhibits is open to individual member choice.
3. entries will be limited to up to two tapestries per member, although only one may be exhibited.
4. each tapestry is to be no larger than A3 (277x420 mm or 11.7x16.5 inches), including any frame or other method of mounting the work, in either portrait or landscape format.
5. all tapestries are to be wall pieces, hung with mirror plates. More details will follow about this.
6. any tapestries sold whilst on show at Stirling Castle may be removed immediately, provided a replacement tapestry is available.
7. only tapestries of a standard appropriate to being a member of the British Tapestry Group will be hung.

Apologies to anyone who would have liked to submit a free-standing tapestry but there simply isn’t anywhere such pieces can be exhibited this time – save those for the next BTG Open exhibition.

We’ll be asking all exhibitors to send a digital image of their work[s], so that the exhibition can be shown virtually on the British Tapestry Group’s website at

Linked to the exhibitions, BTG will also be holding a weekend of workshops and talks at both venues. We’ll be publicising this event once the dates are finalised.

Further details can be obtain by contacting Jane Freear via The British Tapestry Group website

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