Friday, September 25, 2009

Sue Lawty and the World Beach Project

We all know Sue and her "stone drawings" produced at the V&A and the World Beach Project (WBP). I find the WBP so simple but beautiful. The ascetics of a simple stone, pebble or rock can be a powerful tool in a drawing. Using stone instead of a piece of charcoal, graphite or even paint provides a 3d drawing medium that can be used on a flat or vertical surface intrigues me. Sue's drawings are displayed vertical and the WBP is almost always flat or horizontally display. Simple line drawings are one of my favorite art mediums, as Paul Klee said "a day without a line is a day not worth living" This quote I read at the Paul Klee Museum in Switzerland. Sue's stone drawings remind me of the simple pleasure that a line or many lines can make a beautiful drawing.

In Sue's drawing below, is my "line" for today!

Video link to the WBP

Sue Lawty installing a drawing

I received an email today from Sue Lawty. Sue was interviewed by radio Australia on Thursday 24rd September. There are the links to the radio interview.
ABC Radio Australia says:

Beachcombers around globe are being invited to take part in a unique online art exhibition. The World Beach Project is open to anyone and everyone. All you have to do is head to your favorite beach with a camera, collect some stones, create a piece of art, take photos and upload the pictures to an online gallery. Creator of the project is Yorkshire based artist Sue Lawty and she joined us In The Loop to explain its inception.

Interview with Sue Lawty Link
MP3 Loop
World Beach project Link
World Beach Project Map
Sue Lawty's Blog

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