Thursday, April 1, 2010

Generate - Sturts Gallery, Mittagong, NSW

Generate textiles and mixed media
by Julie Ryder

28 March - 9 May

To be opened by Dr Sharon Peoples,
Lecturer and Cultural Theorist, ANU Canbera
at 11am on Sunday 28 March

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Julie Ryder’s exhibition ‘Generate’ explores the life and theories of the 19th century naturalist, Charles Darwin. Drawing inspiration from his five-year voyage in The Beagle, this body of work investigates the impact that this exotic journey had on his ideas of social and natural history. Darwin’s journey and encounters with inhabitants from South America and the South Pacific are referenced through works on tapa cloth, glass and textiles to give insight into his theories on natural selection and origin of species.
‘Generate’ reflects Ryder’s ongoing fascination with nature, as way of understanding our inner and outer worlds, challenging perceptions of chaos and control, perfection and imperfection - questioning concepts of beauty and veracity.

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