Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Call for Entries
Small Tapestry International 2: Passages
Passage is the act of passing from one place, condition, etc. to another, the route one travels. ATA invites artists to use innovative approaches that push the technical or conceptual meaning of the term in their submissions to the ATA's biennial juried small format exhibition.
The American Tapestry Alliance is a not-for-profit, member-supported organization seeking to exhibit the best of contemporary tapestry. The small format exhibition gives artists an opportunity to explore ideas and processes in new ways while preserving the qualities of handwoven tapestry.


Entry to Passages is open to all tapestry artists who design and weave their own tapestries (defined as "hand-woven, weft-faced fabric with discontinuous wefts"), either individually or collaboratively (all assistants shall be named). Multimedia work will be considered as long as the primary medium is tapestry. Entries must be one-of-a-kind and have been completed after January 2009. Artists may submit up to three entries.
Size Restrictions: The size of the tapestry may not exceed a total of 100 square inches (625 square cm) and cannot exceed 20 inches (50 cm) in any one dimension. For example, a piece can be 10 x 10 inches (25 x 25 cm) or the sides can be of different lengths from each other as long as length times width does not exceed 100 square inches and no dimension is longer than 20 inches (50 cm). Three-dimensional pieces may not exceed 10 inches (25 cms) in height, length, or depth. Tapestries must be mounted and/or framed. If the mount or frame is meant to show when hung, that treatment must be shown in the entry image and must be in keeping with the small-format theme. If accepted, the work must arrive ready to hang. Submissions
Image quality may influence the juror's decision. Only completed tapestries will be juried.


must be digital. For each entry, submit one jpeg of the entire tapestry and one jpeg of a detail.
Digital image requirements: jpegs saved at 300 dpi and exactly 1000 pixels on the longest side. Save the images with maximum image quality. Each digital image file must be labeled with only the title, e.g. Morning Mist.jpg or Morning Mist detail.jpg. Burn all image files onto a universal CD. Entries will be saved for historical purposes.

• Artists are responsible for all shipping and insurance costs to the first venue and for the return
shipping and insurance costs from the final venue.
• Entries not accompanied by all completed forms, digital images and fees cannot be juried.
• Work that differs significantly from the submitted image may be declined for exhibition.
• Complete exhibition instructions will be sent to the accepted artists. Accepted works not completely
prepared for installation may be returned.
• Tapestries must be available through the last scheduled exhibition.

Kay Lawrence, Australian fiber artist, author and Head of the South Australia School of Art.


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