Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Coping or using artist papers

If you wish to copy or use any information from Artist talks, You must get permission from the artist first.
Using the information is covered under copyright. Please contact Valerie at ANU Textiles if you wish to contact an artist.

We are hoping that all Artist who had written presentations will let us publish them on the blog, so keep checking back.

I must be time for some more photos so I will scout around and see what I can find. Does any one have photos from the conference we can use? please send them to me
belindajessup[at] with the subject tapestry2008 so I don't delete anyone I don't know.

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Pam said...

Thankyou for the timely reminder re copyright. My enquiry re the possibility of the artists talks being published was simply so I could absorb the contents more thoroughly, for my own interest and education only. The two days of the Symposium was almost 'too much information'.The various talks were just so interesting and informative,I really would love to read/listen to them again.