Sunday, May 18, 2008

From Susan Martin Maffei

Congratulations to Valerie on such a successful event.
We applaud your efforts and hard work. We enjoyed it on so many levels. The talks were very varied and covered a wide range of subjects. I found it quite interesting to find that there was a real movement back to the language of tapestry weaving and a movement away from translation of painting. It is an international movement.
It was so good to have the extensive land exhibition as well as the gallery tapestry exhibit right at the seminar to pass thru every day as we went to and from all the activities. Pleased to see the high level of expertise as well as diverse country representation in our workshop as well as in the lecturers and attending body.
Hopefully we will see many more 4 selvedge weavings appearing on the horizon in the future as our workshop information is passed on. Thank you for giving us that opportunity. Catching up with old friends and meeting new ones was certainly a great part as well. Hope it will not be another 20 years for an event like this one to happen again.
Love the passion of it all. Susan Martin Maffei

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